WEB HOSTING AND DOMAINS - all you need to know

Web Hosting and Domain Management

When you have completed your beautiful website, you need somewhere to keep it. Just liike you need to live in a house, and have your tax records and driving licensepointing to your address, your website needs the same kind of setup. We will now go through how the process of sending your website live goes!

Choosing a Domain

Choosing a domain can be tricky. Afterall you don't want to be changing it often. Choose somtehing that is memerable and relevent to your business; preferably your company name.

DNS Setup

Setting up your DNS sounds a bit scary but it really is not.

DNS stands for Domain Name System, and has various records used for different purposes. Right now we are just going o run through one of those records, which is called an A Record.

A very simplistic way of looking at what we are doing here is this:

Your website is stored on server X.

Your domain name is bought and raring to go! But it doesn't know where to go! It wants to go to your website though, so we need to point the A Record to the right server.

So we set an A Record for the domain (domain.com) and another one for the www (www.domain.com). Both of these need the IP Address of the new website.